*Ubuntu does not any more recognise the printer Samsung ML-1660.

Jan Litwiński jlitwinski at vp.pl
Sat Sep 22 12:42:06 UTC 2012

Dnia sobota, 22 września 2012 14:31:41 Bas Roufs pisze:
> Dear Everybody,
> ever since a few months, I do not manage any more to print with my
> laserprinter, Samsung ML-1660, though it worked quite well during a
> few years. Reason: *Ubuntu does not recognise any more this printe,
> when plugging in the USB cabler. At present, I work with Kubuntu
> 12.04, along with KDE 4.9.1. Any clue how to fix this problem?
> Details:
> http://preview.tinyurl.com/ML-1660
> Thanks, respectfully yours,
> Bas Roufs.
does the printer work when you plug printer before powering om 

Jan Litwiński
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