Ubuntu without pre-installed software?

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 14:44:53 UTC 2012

On 19 September 2012 15:39, Avi Greenbury <lists at avi.co> wrote:
> Tom H wrote:
>> I'd like to see some hard data on that no just some claim based on the
>> meme that Debian's more geeky/nerdy and therefore has a smaller
>> footprint. I mostly install X-less boxes of both Ubuntu and Debian and
>> there's basically no difference.
> Yeah, we've many installs of each, and what difference there may be
> doesn't appear to be worth considering. We use the same volume sizes
> for each, for instance. OSs are so small that their relative size
> isn't really worth considering.

You need to use old hardware to really notice it. Professionals in
well-funded companies and developers seldom see it.

In one of the companies I am involved with, the senior tech was until
recently using an dual-core Atom with 1GB of RAM. He became quite
performance-sensitive. Some of our customers are on kit 5y older than
that, though.

I encountered someone still running Win 98 SE and Netscape 7.2 last
week. Yes, really.

>> I suspect that this extends to WMs and DEs. You'll also see that I
>> said "significantly" because I've  noticed that Ubuntu sometimes
>> adds extra dependencies to packages (bizarrely IMO).
> I've a Ubuntu PC and a Debian one; I don't notice much difference in,
> well, anything between the two actually. Ubuntu used to be prettier,
> but vanilla gnome3 is nice enough for me now.

As I say, try it on a 2003-4 era box. :¬)

>> On the speed front, I'll take Ubuntu's upstart to Debian's sysvinit anyday!
> I've found this fascination with fast boot times a bit of an oddity
> for a while now - I go through a normal boot so rarely that I'd be
> much happier with a faster resume from Hibernate, or a less buggy
> netwok-manager or something than the shaving of another four seconds
> off the time it takes to boot.

I am almost the reverse. I make sure to do a hard reboot of my laptops
every few days and desktops get powered off every night.

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