Ubuntu without pre-installed software?

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Wed Sep 19 02:00:19 UTC 2012

On 19 September 2012 01:31, Eddie G. O'Connor Jr. <eoconnor25 at gmail.com> wrote:
> In a nutshell I don't think there are ANY "rules" or limits as to how and
> what you want to install, from Enlightenment DE's to Bodhi....it's ALL ABOUT
> YOU!...Imagine literally "crafting" a desktop PC's OS with EVERYTHING you
> want and NOTHING you DON'T!>...Imagine how fast, sleek, elegant, and
> "You"-zer friendly it can REALLY be! I have imagined my Ubuntu OS as
> something different from others in the desktop background, the way certain
> files open, and what they open with, how my web browser handles certain
> sites...etc. It's to the point where sometimes I log in just to "tweak" my
> system in bits and pieces! I love it!.....(You think I should get "out" more
> and interact with some REAL people!?....LoL!)

Please don't top-post, and go easy on the block caps as well, OK?

It is quite fun to build your own personal distro with just your own
apps, but Linux is not a sleek, svelte little OS. No matter how much
you strip it down, if you want a Web-enabled Internet-ready graphical
desktop, it is going to be quite big and complex.

If you want to see how slim and light an OS can be, have a look at Haiku.

It's an open-source version of BeOS. Still only at alpha stage, but
runs and you can surf the web with it. It's rather nice, impressively
complete, and *fast*.

Alternatively, if you were ever an Amiga user, try AROS: it too is
Web-ready these days and while its GUI is idiosyncratic, it's
blisteringly small and fast.

There's an enhanced AROS distro called Icaros that gives a more
complete environment:

Also starting out as Amiga-like but now evolved into something quite
different is Syllable:

All of these will show you how complex, bloated and sluggish Linux is
by comparison.

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