Ubuntu without pre-installed software?

Eddie G. O'Connor Jr. eoconnor25 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 00:31:32 UTC 2012

In a nutshell I don't think there are ANY "rules" or limits as to how 
and what you want to install, from Enlightenment DE's to Bodhi....it's 
ALL ABOUT YOU!...Imagine literally "crafting" a desktop PC's OS with 
EVERYTHING you want and NOTHING you DON'T!>...Imagine how fast, sleek, 
elegant, and "You"-zer friendly it can REALLY be! I have imagined my 
Ubuntu OS as something different from others in the desktop background, 
the way certain files open, and what they open with, how my web browser 
handles certain sites...etc. It's to the point where sometimes I log in 
just to "tweak" my system in bits and pieces! I love it!.....(You think 
I should get "out" more and interact with some REAL people!?....LoL!)


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