The arrow of drop-down list is reversed in rtl locals.

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Tue Sep 11 14:09:25 UTC 2012

On Tue, 11 Sep 2012 14:56:38 +0100
Avi Greenbury <lists at> wrote:

> Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
> > > 
> > I fail to see the problem.  The drop down arrow points down which
> > is the direction that 'drop DOWN' is supposed to point.
> > Left-to-right or right-to-left makes no difference to up/down.
> It's not the arrow really, it's the decoration round it. His most
> recent image:
> demonstrates it best. If you look at the left image, the lower
> drop-down box has a red line on three sides of a rounded-edged
> square, in order to highlight it as a button. These are on the top,
> right and bottom sides of the square. The decoration on the drop-down
> on the right is a full square, and actually looks complete.
> Neither is functionally broken, and neither causes the arrow to point
> on the wrong direction, but from an aesthetic point of view, the left
> one is not in the same style as the rest of the UI and looks very
> clunky; it's clearly not what is supposed to happen.
Finally I got it.  The OP, in saying it needed to be 'flipped', referred
to horizontally, not vertically.

Yes, that's b0rken.  Thanks.

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