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On 09/10/2012 09:03 PM, Jim Byrnes wrote:
> In another thread I was trying to calculate how much disk space to 
> allocate to / if I did a fresh install and this time setup  a
> separate /home partition.
> To get an idea of how much was outside of the home folder on my
> present install I did:
> sudo du -shc /  =>  105GB du -shc /home   =>  64GB
> This led me to believe I had 105GB - 64GB = 41GB that would be in
> /.
> Colin suggested I run Disk Usage Analyzer:
> Total filesystem capacity: 264.7GB(used: 104.5GB avail: 160.2GB
> /        100%        75.3GB home        84.1%        63.3GB usr
> 6.7%        5.0GB var        5.8%        4.4GB lib        2.1%
> 1.6GB opt        1.0%        762.2MB boot        0.3%
> 194.6MB
> Everything else was 0.0%
> So this seems to say that if I had a separate /home on this machine
> that / would be 12GB not the 41GB calculated above.
> So what accounts for the difference of 29.2GB between the used of 
> 104.5GB and / of 75.3GB?
> The 12GB and 29.2GB = the 41GB I originally calculated would be
> needed for /.  12GB seems to be more in line with what others
> reported as the size needed for /.
> Regards,  Jim


The 105 GB is probably correct, since it matches the total filesystem
usage reported by Disk Usage Analyzer

The list returned by disk usage analyzer is probably off because of
data in directories your normal login user cannot read. This may
include data in root's home and trash, certain log directories, and
other users' data. Given that we're talking about 29GB, another user
account is the only thing that seems likely.

Another user would have his own directory under /home. Other
directories containing data not readable by your user may be
discoverable running disk usage analyzer as root (Alt-F2, 'gksu baobab')

You can also drill down using the --max-depth=1 option to du.

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