Last of my Questions About 12.04.1 LTS (for now)

Avi Greenbury lists at
Sun Sep 9 22:05:47 UTC 2012

Jay Ridgley wrote:
> 1. If Xscreensaver is running how do I disable the locking? I have
> tried all the settings I can find, yet when I close my laptop with it
> plugged in and not running on battery. When I close the lid it will
> require a password when the lid is opened. The only way I have found
> is to disable the screen saver.

There's a configuration for the locking of the screen in XScreensaver's
settings; are you sure you're using xscreensaver and not

Also, have you checked the power management settings; you may have
those configured to lock the screen when the lid is closed.

> 2. I have Xfce4-session and GNOME packages (-shell, -session-fallback
> and -session) installed; will removing them cause any serious
> problems with the Unity desktop?

No, you should be fine. None will interfere, either, though.

When uninstalling you'll be presented with a list of packages that're
to be removed, check this for ubuntu-desktop and, if it's not there,
then the desktop will be preserved.


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