new video card problems

Drac Noc drac.noc at
Sun Sep 9 21:05:12 UTC 2012

On 07/09/12 02:13, Doug wrote:
> On 09/06/2012 08:37 PM, Bill Stanley wrote:
>> I just upgraded my video card from a Nvidia 420 with 512 MB of video
>> ram to a new Nvidia GTX550Ti with 2 GB of video ram.  I dual boot and
>> Widnows uses this card OK (this rules out hardware problems) but I
>> can't get the GUI running when I boot to Linux.  I am dumped into the
>> command line and since I am not as proficient with the command line,
>> I do not know what commands I have to use to get the new video card
>> to run.  Of course, without the GUI, I also can't visit the usual
>> help sites.
>> Since they are both Nvidia cards, I didn't expect much problems and
>> hopefully it isn't much of an issue.  Could it be the 2GB of video RAM?
>> Please let me know what CLI commands will get the GUI up and running.
> I can't answer  your question, but I can tell you that this exact card
> is running fine under PCLinuxOs 2012, KDE, with one exception: the
> HDMI sound output doesn't work. (It works under XP, in the
> same machine.  At the same time, when in XP, there is no sound
> locally. )  I have a graphical (GUI) setup in my KDE menu. I bought
> the card since my on-board mobo video detector could not play
> movies. This card plays movies perfectly.  I have to run the movies on
> XP, if I want to  watch them and listen to them on my TV. (They run
> fine with local sound and video on Linux.)
> I am thoroughly convinced that the HDMI sound problem is all software,
> but NVidia doesn't care much about Linux, and they don't seem to care
> that much about XP either, since in XP
> sound ONLY comes out of the TV--ever.  Unless you disconnect the HDMI
> cable.
> For reference, my mobo is a Foxconn G41MXE.
> Somebody from the Ubuntu world should be able to get your GUI setup
> going.  Good luck.
> --doug
Same problem here with the HDMI audio output on GT210. Here's what I found:

Worked like a charm.


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