new video card problems

Doug dmcgarrett at
Fri Sep 7 01:13:03 UTC 2012

On 09/06/2012 08:37 PM, Bill Stanley wrote:
> I just upgraded my video card from a Nvidia 420 with 512 MB of video 
> ram to a new Nvidia GTX550Ti with 2 GB of video ram.  I dual boot and 
> Widnows uses this card OK (this rules out hardware problems) but I 
> can't get the GUI running when I boot to Linux.  I am dumped into the 
> command line and since I am not as proficient with the command line, I 
> do not know what commands I have to use to get the new video card to 
> run.  Of course, without the GUI, I also can't visit the usual help 
> sites.
> Since they are both Nvidia cards, I didn't expect much problems and 
> hopefully it isn't much of an issue.  Could it be the 2GB of video RAM?
> Please let me know what CLI commands will get the GUI up and running.
I can't answer  your question, but I can tell you that this exact card 
is running fine under PCLinuxOs 2012, KDE, with one exception: the HDMI 
sound output doesn't work. (It works under XP, in the
same machine.  At the same time, when in XP, there is no sound locally. 
)  I have a graphical (GUI) setup in my KDE menu. I bought the card 
since my on-board mobo video detector could not play
movies. This card plays movies perfectly.  I have to run the movies on 
XP, if I want to  watch them and listen to them on my TV. (They run fine 
with local sound and video on Linux.)
I am thoroughly convinced that the HDMI sound problem is all software, 
but NVidia doesn't care much about Linux, and they don't seem to care 
that much about XP either, since in XP
sound ONLY comes out of the TV--ever.  Unless you disconnect the HDMI 

For reference, my mobo is a Foxconn G41MXE.

Somebody from the Ubuntu world should be able to get your GUI setup 
going.  Good luck.


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