new video card problems

Bill Stanley bstanle at
Sat Sep 8 20:48:09 UTC 2012

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 > Oh yeah, if he has a built in video chipset that has to
 > be disabled. The bios might have gone wonky with a new
 > card installed and restored the factory setting.
 > Good call, Doug. Ric

That is a possibility but I don't really know.  The computer is a Dell 
Studio XPS and it came from the factory with the Nvidia GeForce 420 (512 
MB videa ram) installed.  How can I determine if there is a built in 
video chipset on the motherboard.

Also Here is another bit of information that I just discovered.  Sorry 
for not giving all the information needed to trouble shoot the 
situation.  (I at first thought that it was something very simple.  Mea 

I tried upgrading to version 12.04, didn't line Unity or Gnome 3 and 
tried XUbuntu.  I really didn't like that either but it was tolerable. 
Here is the catch, I never install the new version without keeping the 
old version Ubuntu 10.10 - Gnome 2 on my computer.  I keep /home on a 
separate partition so in effect I can triple boot.  I just ignore the 
XUbuntu and use the old Gnome 2.

When I boot, the GRUB gives this information.

Ubuntu using Linux 22.6.35-generic pae
Ubuntu using Linux pae
(There are other entries which are unimportant.)

I assume that the numbers refer to the Linux kernel version.  Windows 
and Linux version are OK.  I am not quite sure if the XUbuntu 
( is OK because I rarely use it.  Most of my Linux computing is 
done with Gnome 2 and that is the version I am having problems with.
Maybe Canonical is refusing to allow the upgrade of the video card 
forcing me to explicitly install the proper drivers or to do an upgrade?

Bill Stanley

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