Questions and help requested for Ubuntu 12.04.1 Classic Gnome Desktop Settings

Douglas Pollard dougpol1 at
Thu Sep 6 16:35:02 UTC 2012

On 09/06/2012 12:20 PM, Liam Proven wrote:
> On 6 September 2012 17:13, Douglas Pollard <dougpol1 at> wrote:
>> Liam I have a question that fits right into this thread. My hardware can't
>> support unity.
> If you run 12.04 (or the previous version) and you don't have a 3D
> card for normal Unity, you get Unity-2D instead. It looks and works
> pretty much identically.
>> I miss the terminal for loading programs
>>   and drivers.
> All versions of Ubuntu still have a terminal. Either press the Windows
> key, or the top icon in the Launcher with the Ubuntu logo, and type
> "terminal" and the icon will appear - actually, "ter" is probably
> enough.
> Or, just press Ctrl-Alt-t.
>> Do you think those programs will all go to PPA to compensate.
> Most of the components that are no longer installed by default with
> Ubuntu are still in the standard repositories. You don't need PPAs.
> For instance, the Pidgin chat client (which I personally prefer) is no
> longer installed and Empathy has replaced it. You can still install
> Pidgin by typing
> sudo apt-get install pidgin
> ... Or by entering "Pidgin" in the Software Centre.
> Ditto Evolution, which has been replaced by Thunderbird.
> But not many programs have been removed - certainly things like the
> Terminal are still there.
Thanks, that is solved for me.  I kept reading the terminal is gone and 
wondering how that is going to work.        Doug

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