problems with 10.04 upgrade to 12.04

Dave Howorth dhoworth at
Tue Sep 4 13:35:29 UTC 2012

Nils Kassube wrote:
> Dave Howorth wrote:
>> Colin Law wrote:
>>> Another alternative is to re-install Ubuntu and restore data from
>>> your backups.
>> Indeed but I'm hoping I won't have to do that. I guess that what has
>> happened is fairly simple, if I only understood what it was, and so
>> the chances of a simple repair ought to be quite good.
> Well, maybe reinstalling is the faster option as it usually only takes 
> something like hours and not days

Yes, but it opens all sorts of philosophical questions. It's my only
Ubuntu box, all the rest are openSUSE, and $work has lately standardised
on Scientific Linux, so maybe I should install one of those instead of
reinstalling Ubuntu ... but I like to have the choice.

> - after all, you mentioned some sort 
> of urgency. OTOH, if it isn't really THAT urgent, could you send a list 
> of installed packages? You can get it with the command
> dpkg --get-selections >packages.txt
> but don't attach the resulting file "packages.txt" to a reply because it 
> is probably too large to be accepted by the list server. Instead either 
> send it with private mail directly to me or, even better, post it e.g. 
> at <> and post the URL here. Then I could try 
> the upgrade with the same packages used on your machine. Maybe I can 
> then find out what happened.

Thanks for that.

I'm being dumb; I couldn't see how to upload a file to,
so I've attached it to my bug report. It's at

Cheers, Dave

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