PDF File print problem

Jay Ridgley jridgley2 at austin.rr.com
Thu Nov 29 01:07:27 UTC 2012


I was having problems with some PDF files not rendering when I displayed them 
via my browser (Firefox), they would be blank or black. I poked around the net 
and discovered that a recommended solution was to install Adobe Reader 9. I did 
that, no problems with the install.

Now for the fun---

I can print PDF files to my local printer, however, a network printer only 
prints blank pages. I can print other types of files to both the network printer 
and the local printer, including the test page.

 From the two other systems in my network I have no problems with either printer.


What is the problem?

The system with the problem is running 10.04.4 LTS and the others are on 12.04.1 

Local printer is an HP C3180. Networked printer is a Dell 1110.


Jay Ridgley
jridgley2 at austin.rr.com
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