Pros/cons relative to gtk and qt

Kevin O'Gorman kogorman at
Wed Nov 28 00:12:22 UTC 2012

I've inherited a project that was originally developed under gtk-2.0.
I see that the libraries are still in the repos, although version 3 is
also available.

I've got essentially no experience in direct GUI programming outside
of Java AWT and Swing, so I'm asking advice.  The existing UI is
pretty crude, so I'll probably be working with it for a while.

Should I go with gtk2, or step up to 3?

What are the strengths of qt as opposed, say, to qt 3 or 4?  Not that
I expect to switch, but I'd like to get more of an idea why I'm where
I am.

Kevin O'Gorman

programmer, n. an organism that transmutes caffeine into software.

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