Unscheduled unattended boot

Phil Dobbin bukowskiscat at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 12:28:29 UTC 2012

Hi, all.

I upgraded my youngest son's HP desktop machine to Quantal & now, for
some unknown reason, it boots up at 06:30 every morning (I found out the
time of the boot after hearing its start-up password prompt when walking
past his bedroom door).

It happens every morning & I had been blaming him for it (I've got the
whole home LAN monitored by Nagios & all machines except mine are
powered off by via cron at 22:00 each night so I see its upstate from
Nagios every morning) but one this particular morning when I heard it
boot, he was fast asleep.

There's nothing installed like gwakeonlan or similar & I'm at a loss to
explain it. Both my wife & other two children are using Precise & they
do not have this particular problem.

Has anybody else experienced this?

Any help appreciated.



currently (ab)using
CentOS 5.8 & 6.3, Debian Squeeze & Wheezy, Fedora Beefy, OS X Snow
Leopard & Ubuntu Precise & Quantal

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