2 pane, swiss army knife file manager?

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Mon Nov 19 21:47:45 UTC 2012

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Monday 19 November 2012 15:30:22 Nils Kassube did opine:
> > Gene Heskett wrote:
> > > I just spent an hour scanning for 2 pane file managers in the
> > > synaptic ALL listing without finding anything but mc.
> > 
> > Try Konqueror. You can have a layout similar to MC if you want
> > (settings -> load view profile -> midnight commander). And you can
> > use SFTP to access remote files (don't know about ftp).
> Unforch it cannot do that, complaining that all the index.html files
> are supposed to be directories.  It does draw a gui that faintly
> resembles mc, but only an icon view seems to be available, and the
> drag-n-drop I attempted was refused, no perms.

I tried it before from my running Kubuntu system and it looked promising 
(I must admit that I usually use the standard file manager view, but I 
remembered that there is a MC view). But now I tried it from a LiveCD to 
start with the default conditions like you did. While I didn't see the 
complaints you mentioned, I must say that it no longer looks so nice. It 
probably needs some tuning before it is usable, and I don't think I can 
easily tell you which settings needs to be changed. Therefore I take 
back my suggestion and I'm sorry that I wasted your time.


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