Formatting SD Memory Cards

Tom Rausner tom at
Sat Nov 17 08:38:37 UTC 2012

Den 17-11-2012 08:30, Ric Moore skrev:
> On 11/16/2012 06:04 PM, Tom Rausner wrote:
>> Den 16-11-2012 23:38, Ric Moore skrev:
>>> On 11/16/2012 07:44 AM, Tom Rausner wrote:
>>>> Den 16-11-2012 13:24, Ric Moore skrev:
>>>>> Hey! Anyone know where I can get a good deal on an oil change?
>>>>> I am interested in swapping recipes, too. My dog scoots her butt on
>>>>> the carpet, think she has worms?? <swears> Ric
>>>> Attension all personel!
>>>> Jerk in the area!
>>>> Beware!
>>> Shoot,, everyone that knows me knows that I am a lovable curmudgeon. I
>>> just don't think this is the place to discuss Cameras. :) Ric
>> Ok... But why didn't you just say THAT, if that was all you wanted to
>> communicate ?
> Because I've been around since God, and tend to do things olde skool.
Sorry, but I have to correct your spelling; but it's spelled 'olde fool'
> Besides, I didn't engage in name calling, as you did calling me a jerk. 
You acted like a jerk so what else skould I call you? A forest of bamboo?
> That shows a complete lack of éclat. Look it up... :) Ric
Ok, now I will correct my self; An educated olde fool. (but we love you 
all the same)

Tom Rausner tom at If one person thinks 
he's a monkey, it's called insanity. If a billion persons think they are 
monkeys it's called Evolution

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