How do I get Ubuntu terminal prompt in Windows 7 with VMware Player

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Wed Nov 14 23:56:22 UTC 2012

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> Thanks a lot.
> Sorry I am new to ubantu and vmware. Could you please let me know where
> the "Windows key" is? I have attached the screen that I get after clicking
> "ubuntu" icon in the vmware player.
The windows key on your keyboard, or Meta key as it used to be knowing the
good old days of VT-52 terminals. After you log into your VM, and Ubuntu
fires its desktop up, just hit the Windows key (the key to the between the
left Control and Left Alt keys on a typical keyboard).That should throw up
a search box - enter terminal and hit enter. You should see a CLI window

If you want to go completely CLI, press CTRL-ALT-F1 through to CTRL-ALT-F6
to switch any of the 6 tty's you have running constantly - no reasojn why
you'd need to do that however, if you're just having a look around.

Shout up if you want a quick whizz around the various features at your
disposal or want to ask any questions. Plenty of people here who will give
you a quick crash course.


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