How to change admin user for GUI?

Karl Auer kauer at
Wed Nov 7 15:48:24 UTC 2012

On Wed, 2012-11-07 at 16:27 +0100, Josef Wolf wrote:
> When using sudo on the command line, he can use his own PW, as it should be.

Good. Just checking :-)

> Karl Auer wrote:
> > *How* did you create the second user?
> I used adduser to create the new user and used "Settings|User Accounts" to
> give him administrator rights.

Good - you didn't edit the passwd and group files directly, always a
source of errors and strange symptoms.

> Karl Auer wrote:
> > What happens when he runs gksudo from the command line - whose password
> > is requested?
> I have not tried that (yet). But why should this differ from what sudo is
> requesting?

Well, the GUI is asking for the wrong password, and gksudo is a
graphical sudo, so...

> Karl Auer wrote:
> > If you can reveal them, what specific usernames are involved?
> His name is roman, my name is jw. Why should this matter?

If your username was "thisismyusername" and his was "thisismyusername1"
then there may have been username length issues. Also, if you had chosen
to call yourself "adm" or call him "gdm", I would foresee problems,
though admittedly not these ones :-)

You could try checking log files, and looking at process ownerships,
might find a clue there.

Regards, K.

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