useable desktop-search in 12.04

Kai Straube kai.straube at
Fri Mar 30 12:07:49 UTC 2012


Thank you for this information! Is there any plan to integrate this in 
the official repository?


Am 03/29/2012 08:35 AM, schrieb medoc:
> Kai wrote
>>> Hi once more,
>>> I now find that there is a unity-lens for recoll. Thats what I
>>> searched for! But the lense dont find all the entries, i found if i
>>> search with recoll self. Is there an configuration-file to configure
>>> what the lense searches for? I belief the search with the lens is
>>> restrikted to some folders ore restrikted in how deep it dive into
>>> under-folders.
> Hi,
> The first version of the lens would only return documents that were
> free-standing files, because it had no way to preview or open others. The
> version currently on the PPA supposedly returns exactly the same results as
> a Recoll search and will use the Recoll GUI as a proxy to preview embedded
> documents.
> You need ot upgrade both recoll and recoll-lens for this to work and I
> forgot to set the version dependancy right, so specify both.
> Please email me at jfd at recoll org if this does not work for you, I'd like
> to make it work perfectly. Also the Lens is still limited to 20 results,
> because I'm not sure returning more makes any sense. This is trivial to
> change, so complain about this too if this is a problem.
> rikona wrote
>> I just looked at that. It apparently can't do any kind of advanced
>> search, so is extremely restrictive re what recoll can do. From the
>> couple of examples I saw, lenses seem to rather simple-minded
>> interfaces... :-)
>> -- 
>>   rikona
> Hi too :)
> We've already met :) While it's true that a Lens is a simple-minded
> interface, these have their use too, and you can access many of the Recoll
> more advanced features through the query language:
> Cheers,
> jf
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