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medoc jf at
Thu Mar 29 06:35:38 UTC 2012

Kai wrote
>> Hi once more,
>> I now find that there is a unity-lens for recoll. Thats what I
>> searched for! But the lense dont find all the entries, i found if i
>> search with recoll self. Is there an configuration-file to configure
>> what the lense searches for? I belief the search with the lens is
>> restrikted to some folders ore restrikted in how deep it dive into
>> under-folders. 


The first version of the lens would only return documents that were
free-standing files, because it had no way to preview or open others. The
version currently on the PPA supposedly returns exactly the same results as
a Recoll search and will use the Recoll GUI as a proxy to preview embedded

You need ot upgrade both recoll and recoll-lens for this to work and I
forgot to set the version dependancy right, so specify both.

Please email me at jfd at recoll org if this does not work for you, I'd like
to make it work perfectly. Also the Lens is still limited to 20 results,
because I'm not sure returning more makes any sense. This is trivial to
change, so complain about this too if this is a problem.

rikona wrote
> I just looked at that. It apparently can't do any kind of advanced
> search, so is extremely restrictive re what recoll can do. From the
> couple of examples I saw, lenses seem to rather simple-minded
> interfaces... :-)
> -- 
>  rikona        

Hi too :)

We've already met :) While it's true that a Lens is a simple-minded
interface, these have their use too, and you can access many of the Recoll
more advanced features through the query language:



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