Netbook advice

Jonesy gmane at
Mon Mar 26 13:54:10 UTC 2012

On Mon, 26 Mar 2012 10:29:50 +0200, Boye wrote:
>   Here is the usual question : what netbook could you recommand me at 
> the moment ? ;)

Where on the planet would be useful info....

>   - less than 500?
>   - less than 2kg
>   - running ubuntu smoothly
>   - Regular desktop activity + watching videos (sometimes HD), no games
>   - Wifi, no blue-tooth nor 3G really needed.
>   - SSD drive could be fun but for this price,
>   Short list as far as I've found
>   - Samsung 305U1A or NC110
>   - MSI Wind U270

Tho' they show it "Out of Stock".  I dunno if they 'encourage' netbook 
sales anymore.

I have their original Terra. 
It came with Ubuntu 9.10 and I've since upgraded to 10.04 LTS.  It's 
been rock solid -- good battery life -- and, being a netbook, I have no 
complaints about it.  It, too, shows "Out of Stock".  But, I'd guess my 
model is really "No Longer Sold."


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