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Sun Mar 18 17:08:49 UTC 2012

On 03/18/2012 08:16 AM, Liam Proven wrote:
> On 17 March 2012 21:21,<listorin at>  wrote:
>> Hi there;
>> I just downloaded and installed Ubuntu 12.04 beta on my test
>> computer. This is my first  exposure to Unity.
>> While exploring the ways to avoid the new desktop manager, I found
>> that I can install Gnome 3 "fallback mode":
>> sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback
>> There is some doubt in my mind whether or not this will be an
>> "official" part of 12.04 when it is released, and whether or not
>> using gnome fallback will be available and problem-free  through
>> the lifespan of the release.
>> I would welcome any comment on this, as well as anything else that
>> would help me to decide if I should upgrade to 12.04 even if though
>> I discovered I have no taste for Unity.
> Unity is based on GNOME code and libraries, such as the Nautilus
> file manager. As of last year, Unity moved to the GNOME 3 codebase.
> So, yes, GNOME 3 will remain in the repositories and as such if you
> wish you can install the full GNOME Shell environment.
> What will happen to GNOME Shell over the next 5Y is impossible to
> predict. It might not be possible to install newer releases of GNOME
> onto 12.04.
> Fallback Mode is a standby option meant only for people whose
> machines do not have sufficient 3D acceleration to run GNOME Shell.
> It may not be around forever. Also, although it does superficially
> resemble GNOME 2, it is not GNOME 2. It's a lot less customisable and
> GNOME 2 applets and techniques do not work on it.
> If you want a modern, supported GNOME 2-like environment, consider
> Xubuntu.
> If you just want a single panel and a simple, Windows-like desktop
> with a Start menu and a taskbar, try Lubuntu.
> Either of these is smaller, faster and will remain supported for
> years to come.

Or he could have a go at running Maté Gnome 2 fork, which has come a
long way in 6 months. It's working well for me on several machines. It
can be acquired thus:

step 1
$wget -O

step 2
$chmod +x ./

step 3

Or you can get a remix download CD with no Unity anywhere here:

step 1

step 2
unzip, burn, boot, install.

Here's the long-version thread at ubuntuforums (26 pages on it, jump in 
at about page 23 is my suggestion):

SDM a 21st century schizoid man in SoCal
Systems Theory website
"overfulnoisecascade" CD coming soon

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