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Sat Mar 17 21:46:00 UTC 2012

On Sat, 2012-03-17 at 09:42 +0000, thufir wrote:
> To make a symbolic link between directories, am I doing this correctly?
> That seems ok, so that now ~/bin has ~/opt contents, specifically file 
> foo.  This is a dry run, before adding /opt/ActiveTcl-8.5/bin to /usr/bin 
> in the pattern, so that I don't destroy the directory.

Is ~/opt the same as /opt? If not, there is confusion in your plan
between the two. Or maybe not, in which case I don't understand what's
going on :-)

It doesn't feel right to me. You'll end up with /usr/bin/bin, or
possibly /usr/bin/ActiveTcl-8.5/bin. It also doesn't seem right that you
should have to construct this complicated arrangement just to help ruby

> (The point of this is so that when I compile ruby as per http://
> that the compiled ruby has tk 
> correctly.  It seems required to use ActiveTcl in this scenario.)

It seems likely that it would be possible (and preferable) to tell the
compile where ActiveTcl is, i.e., in /opt/ActiveTcl-8.5 instead of
wherever it expects it by default. I don't know about ruby specifically,
but these things are often compiled with tools like configure, where
command line options let you say where the various components are

A nice thing to do with things like this, where releases come often and
you may need to switch between versions, is to have all your versions
stored somewhere handy like this:


... then have a link to the version you are using:

   ln -s /wherever/ActiveTcl-8.5 /opt/ActiveTcl

That way you can put "/opt/ActiveTcl" in paths, scripts whatever, and
change the version by just changing one link, i.e. without having to go
and change all your other configurations (paths, scripts, whatever).

Regards, K.

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