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On Wed, 14 Mar 2012 14:42:51 +0000
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> On 03/14/2012 02:18 PM, Liam Proven wrote:
> > No, MR, whatever your name is, you are breaking the threads.
> That happens only if your mail client is not keeping the thread
> together based on the references in the message headers.
> If that is the case, what we have here is a sub-standard
> or mis-configured mail client program, or a user who has not
> bothered to set it properly.
> > extremely annoying and I for one am getting very close to
> > kill-filing you for it.
> Go ahead, but see below. That will solve your problem with my posts,
> but not with other participants that use the subject line for what
> it is intended to be used for.
> However, I *will change* my usage of the subject line if told so by
> the list owner/moderator, or if another participant points me to where
> the list owner has a documented directive that the subject lines
> must not be changed inside a thread. (This would be the only list
> with such rule I'm aware of, but I guess that's what a list owner
> has the right to do).
> M.R.
Here ya go, from:
(I've highlighted the relevant part with ***s)


Many users read mailing lists by the thread. This means that when
reading, emails are placed in a tree structure according to the
subject. For an example, see this page . To permit this, email clients
identify messages by a special hidden 'header' of the message. To
assist those who read mailing lists in this way:


      Try to ensure that you use an email client which retains this
      'hidden' part of the message. For example, avoid using Outlook
      Express. *

      When replying to messages, use your email client's Reply To List
      function, rather than 'Reply' or 'Reply To All'. This is Ctrl + L
      in Evolution (Ubuntu's default email client), and Shift + L in
      Kmail (Kubuntu's default email client) and in mutt (a popular
      console email client). If your email client does not have this
      function, ask for it to be added! Mozilla's Thunderbird does not
      have this function, but if you read the mailing lists as a
      newsgroup in Thunderbird, you can simply use the "Reply"
      function. *
      When starting a new subject, do not reply to a previous email
      from the mailing list. If you do, your email may form part of a
      previous thread. To start a new subject, use a clean email.

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