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Thu Mar 15 14:24:16 UTC 2012


Am 15.03.2012 15:12, schrieb Cybe R. Wizard:
> *********
>        When starting a new subject, do not reply to a previous email
>        from the mailing list. If you do, your email may form part of a
>        previous thread. To start a new subject, use a clean email.
> *********

I think the "discussion" is about how "start a new subject" is to be

I think, we're quite clear, that it's bad form to hit reply, throw away
the old bady and change the subject, while the "new" message has nothing
at all to do with the old thread.

In this case, a new mail should be sent, so that a new thread starts.

But that's just _not_ what MR has done. Let's take this message:

Message-ID: <4F5F8273.1010704 at>
Subject: I would much appreciate to be warned...

Of course he changed the subject. But if you read the mail, you can
easily see, that this is done, because the thread "evolved". From
"disable top panel application-window menu" to something else.

If we disregard, that he IMO has chosen a bad subject, he did everything
right. This mail of his is *NOT* a new subject. A new thread should
*NOT* be started in this case.

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