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Thu Mar 15 02:12:21 UTC 2012

On 14/03/12 21:46, Thufir Hawat wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Mar 2012 17:45:58 +1100, Basil Chupin wrote:
> [...]
>> Umm, what the f*** are you on about?!

Thufir, Let me begin by saying that in a moment of unbridled crassness I 
wrote the words above which I should not used at another Linux user and 
for which I now offer my apology.

>> WHAT distro ARE you talking about - name, version, and which DE?
> What's a DE?  Ubuntu 11.10


But now I skip to the end....


> LOL. In all serious, maybe the rant was non-specific. It was a rant, 
> after all. Was it unclear in some way, beyonds the Jobs reference?

Even in a rant, just like in a post outlining a problem and seeking 
help, providing detail helps a heck of a lot simply because people are 
not psychic, mind readers nor have telepathic abilities :-) .

> I don't recall all the packages I had to install *and* remove, so I 
> would have to google all that up. It's like four steps just to get a, 
> to me, normal looking desktop. (Using pre-i-mac's, windows 3.1, X 
> Windows, etc as the baseline for what a "desktop" looks like.) When 
> you install GNOME, it's not supported officially. So, that's annoying. 
> Then, to get it looking like GNOME 2.x is a PITA of monumental 
> proportions. (By which I mean deleting extraneous panels, at least 
> that's all I had to do.) Quite bizarre. You used to be able to select 
> GNOME/KDE/etc from the login menu. What was wrong with that system? 
> Note that none of these changes are anything but superficial, it's 
> just tweaking the GUI so that it behaves in new and strange ways. 
> Maybe there's a control group out there who get a different version of 
> unity ;) -Thufir 

I said this earlier to someone else - cannot remember who or where - 
that there are so many distros available and different desktop 
environments. For example, I tried Gnome, I tried Unity (I puked) and 
went back to something which is perfectly usable, understandable, and 
configurable (give or take...) and that is KDE. Now, what is wrong with 
this as a functional desktop (KDE 4.8 btw)?:

"Don't gripe, get even: change distros!" :-) .


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