Mounting Partition under Ubuntu

Swapnil Bhartiya swapnil.bhartiya at
Tue Mar 13 15:53:54 UTC 2012


I am triple booting my machine and have openSUSE, Ubuntu and Windows 
(for emergency) on the same machine. I had to format one partition due 
to some reason. I did it using Windows. Now, when Ubuntu boots its 
throws that message about partition not found hit M for manual and S for 
skipping. Under openSUSE I just opened the Yast Expert Partitioner and 
remounted the partition. There is no such option under Ubuntu where I 
can create a mount point for it so that it mounts the partition when the 
system boots. The reason I need this is I am using Dropbox where the 
folder it is synced to is inside that partition and since it doesn't 
find that partition at boot it gives error and I have to go through DB 
settings every single time.

Question: Is there any GUI based solution under Ubuntu like SUSE's 
expert partitioner which allows a user to recreate or mount partitions 
which stays after reboot?


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