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Wed Mar 7 20:04:15 UTC 2012

On 03/07/2012 08:02 AM, Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
> On Tue, 06 Mar 2012 20:33:41 -0800
> NoOp
> <IsnippedthestandardemailinclusionbecauseNoOpforsomereasonthinksittoberudeofmeisteadofthenormalthingemailclientsdo>
> wrote:
>> On 03/03/2012 05:37 PM, Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
>>> On Sat, 03 Mar 2012 12:30:57 -0800
>>> NoOp <snippedrudeemailinclusionfromCRW.> wrote:
>>>> You found it in 2007.
>>> Yes, I went two weeks without any replies at all from the list and
>>> had to finally hack a solution, myself.  
>> Not the point.
> It may not be /your/ point but it is /my/ point:  Is the help
> onlist any better than 5 years ago? Answer: marginally, but not with
> this particular problem.
>>  My point is that you *did* have the file several years
>> ago, posted that you got it working (on this list 2007), and yet you
>> still posted:
> I didn't say it was a new problem nor one that hadn't already been
> solved.  It isn't and has.  I re-post it to see how (if) things have
> changed (not much).
>> <quote>
>> Maybe you  can (at last and after several years) help me with this
>> problem:
>> I have a Visioneer OneTouch 7300 USB (flatbed scanner) that I'd like
>> to use with Linux. Can you give me any hints at all as to how to get
>> this done?
>> </quote>
>> So either you actually Visione'ed that you had it working in 2007 with
>> Ununtu/linux, or you were blowing smoke at the time. My _guess_ is
>> that you simply are trolling.
> Once again, I got it working.  My solution works just fine, no thanks to
> any 'help' from the list.  I have /NEVER/ gotten much help from the list
> to the best of my memory, despite having brought several minor problems
> forth and having been around since '04.
> Disclaimer:  I have gotten the occasional bit of minor help such as how
> to disable pop-up balloons and move the title bar controls.
>> Gilles was kind enough to reply to you with a suggestion/hint & you
>> replied that you couldn't find the Cis3r5b1.fw. 
> /on the disk/.  I couldn't find it /on the disk/.  In fact, here's the
> quote:
> "I do have the Winduhs-only CD for scanner installation but after
> spending some time looking it over I can't seem to find that file
> anywhere on the CD."
> ...and, in fact, his suggestion, regardless of how kind it was,
> was completely useless as it didn't point to the file (Cis3r5b1.fw)
> needed.
>> I pointed out that you
>> found it in 2007. 
> But not on the disk, which is what I said.
>> So instead of continuing to be a troll, why don't
>> you just re-read your 2007 post(s), find the file the same way you
>> did then, admit that: 1) you did find the file previously,
> I found the file previously; I never said otherwise.
>>  2) had/have the scanner working in linux, and 
> I had and still have the scanner working in Linux, first Ubuntu and
> now Debian.  Again, I never said otherwise.
>> 3) now simply are
>> whining "I went two weeks without any replies at all from the list".
> More than just and only a whine, it is indicative of the help I've /not/
> gotten on this list, not just on one instance, but many times.
>>> I'm glad to see that the list
>>> googling ability has improved, at least.
>> I use gmane.org & therefore can search the list easily (back to 2004)
>> without any problems. I only included the http link for your
>> edification. :-)
> Ah, but how'd you find the link?  Search engine?  Maybe,...  Google?
>>> Cybe R. Wizard -doesn't really have any Winduhs stuff
>> Oh, but you did in 2007 according to your post. 
> Really?  Citation, please.
>> *And* you still have
>> the Windows CD that you obtained the file from in 2007 according to
>> your post in this thread.
> That CD would be Visioneer stuff made to use with Winduhs, not strictly
> Winduhs stuff (of which I have none).
> Really this just points up the fact that one cannot depend upon help
> from people who can't understand the difference between, "technical
> support," and, "technological support," even after it has been pointed
> out to them numerous times.  They are unlikely to understand the
> difference between help-level checking and trolling.
> Cybe R. Wizard
Talking about help. ???
May I please ask why I have not had any response on my problem of my SD card reader?
The problem still exists, and I have not been able to fine a solution, except to buy and
external usb reader.

Any one?

P.S. No I am not hijacking this thread! It fits.
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