They broke my firefox video!!

Avi Greenbury lists at
Wed Mar 7 09:20:01 UTC 2012

Ric Moore wrote:

> Jeeeezzz... after last night's flurry of updates, I now get this open 
> chest looking icon display where videos are supposed to happen. Right 
> clicking doesn't identify what it is... I just tried YouTube and it 
> shows the open chest icon first, then shows a box with a red crossed 
> circle that complains no file. It was all working nicely before I
> went to bed. Crimminy.... BAH! And we were just complaining about
> Fedora. Ric

That sounds like your Flash plugin is broken or missing (or, at least,
Firefox can't use it for some reason).

How was it configured before? I presume Flash was working, but do you
know how you installed it? Simply doing

sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-nonfree

*should* pull in the Adobe flash plugin and make the video Just Work
again. Failing that, could you open about:plugins in Firefox and see
what there is in there for Flash?


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