They broke my firefox video!!

Ric Moore wayward4now at
Wed Mar 7 19:05:58 UTC 2012

On 03/07/2012 06:05 AM, nepal wrote:
> On Tue, 06 Mar 2012 22:51:07 -0600
> Tom Poe<tompoe at>  wrote:
>> On 03/06/2012 05:03 PM, Ric Moore wrote:
>>> Jeeeezzz... after last night's flurry of updates, I now get this
>>> open>  chest looking icon display where videos are supposed to
>>> happen. Right>  clicking doesn't identify what it is... I just
>>> tried YouTube and it>  shows the open chest icon first, then shows
>>> a box with a red crossed>  circle that complains no file. It was
>>> all working nicely before I went>  to bed. Crimminy.... BAH! And we
>>> were just complaining about Fedora. Ric
>> Ric:  I'm running 11.10, and have reinstalled twice due to updates
>> that crashed video.  I now have third iteration of 11.10, and have
>> refused all updates.  Still running smooth.  I too, am convinced the
>> updates are seriously flawed, either with chromium updates, or gnash
>> updates.  I've tried reinstalling both, with no luck, no change, no
>> clue as to what the issue is.  Good luck.  Let me know, since I would
>> like to be able to keep up with updates on my old desktop computer a
>> little longer. Tom
> I'm running 11.10 mint and have this problem too, with the Chromium
> browser and flash. On reading about your problem, I checked and I have
> this problem too.  I've tried reinstalling but no change. I do not have
> apparently, any gnash or other alternative AFAICT. However, I can go to
> and watch a Keiser Report,
> so does this not use flash but another video driver?
> But there are other video links on that site that do not work, just
> provide a static image, like below;
> All is working correctly AFAICT within Firefox 10.0.2
> Any suggestions?

Yup, run alternatives-configurator GUI application. Look for 
mozilla-flash-plugin and correct the entry to flash and not gnash. Damn 
thing is persistent even after you remove the gnash packages. You might 
want to delete the gnash option as well, just to put a stake into it's 
heart. Ric

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