xscreensaver issues

Gerhard Magnus magnus at agora.rdrop.com
Tue Mar 6 21:19:14 UTC 2012

I am in the process of changing the linux distribution on my small LAN 
from Fedora to Ubuntu 11.10. Whatever the issues may be with Ubuntu, 
they're nothing compared to the disaster Fedora has turned into. I don't 
mind every little thing being an adventure with linux, but solving 
"computer problems" isn't my main form of entertainment in this life. And 
when things as basic as ssh and NFS no longer work, and developers have 
made huge changes without documenting much of anything... well, it's time 
to move on.

Many Ubuntu-related websites -- e.g. 
-- give instructions for installing xscreensaver as basically (1) remove 
gnome-screensaver, (2) install xscreensaver-related packages, and (3) add 
xscreensaver -nosplash to the "Startup Applications Preferences" list. I 
did this.

But then xscreensaver never started and when I tried starting it from Dash 
the system froze. So I took it off the Startup list and started it 
manually. I then got these two messages (and replied "Yes" to both):

"The GNOME screensaver daemon appears to be running. It must be stopped 
for XScreenSaver to work properly. Stop the GNOME screensaver daemon now?"

"The XScreensaver daemon doesn't seem to be running on display :0. Launch 
it now?"

Then I was able to configure xscreensaver and then get it working by 
hitting the "Preview" button. Assuming I first start if from Dash, 
xscreensaver will now also begin its display after the time I have set 
for it on the configuration panel.

(1) Apparently gnome-screensaver is re-installed and automatically starts 
up with each boot regardless of whether I remove it! Why does this happen 
and how can I stop it? Does it matter in terms of...
(2) I am still unable to start xscreensaver automatically from the Startup 

Any suggestions as to how I can further hack away at this would be most 


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