xorg 100% CPU usage

Pete Smout psmouty at live.com
Tue Mar 6 18:08:33 UTC 2012

On 05/03/12 21:10, Pete Smout wrote:

  For about a week now my laptop (ubuntu 10.04 LTS fully updated) has been
  freezing up for approx 30 secs, with gkrellm and top showing xorg using
  100% cpu usage?
  There seems to be no pattern to what programs I am using, everything
  from open office to clementine to smplayer or thunderbird, not at any
  certain time of day or day of the week, or even weather using the
  inbuilt screen or external one.

  My understanding (admittedly limited) is that xorg is the bit that works
  the display (screen). Has anyone else come across this?

  For reference the laptop specs are:

  Acer Aspire 5720
  Intel T5250 Dual core processor
  Ram 2.0 gb
  Internal graphics (intel)
  Internal sound (intel)

  Thanks in advance for any ideas

just for reference my xorg.conf:

Section "Device"
	Identifier	"Configured Video Device"
	Driver		"fbdev"

Section "Monitor"
	Identifier	"Configured Monitor"

Section "Screen"
	Identifier	"Default Screen"
	Monitor		"Configured Monitor"
	Device		"Configured Video Device"



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