Backing up files on a badly malware infested computer.

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Fri Jan 27 04:37:36 UTC 2012

On 27/01/12 15:18, Bill Stanley wrote:
> Problem solved!
> I wish to thank all if you for the good advice you gave.  The warnings 
> about reinfection were already known to me and I did install AVAST 
> which I downloaded to a second computer for installation.  I was not 
> about to let a computer out on the Internet even if I went straight to 
> an anti-virus site. I did this even before I visited Windows update.  
> The two files turned out to be two whole directories.  Maybe a rootkit 
> was hiding stuff there.
> The first time, when I tried using Linux (Nautilus) to nuke them I was 
> unsuccessful.  Maybe it was something about Nautilus or how I used it. 
> The second time I followed your advice and used a the console and the 
> "sudo rm-r" command.  Maybe it was because I was not executing the 
> command as superuser.  The important thing is files (directories) are 
> gone for good and hopefully my sister will have a stable computer 
> again!  And yes, I am going to tell her to avoid Adobe like the 
> plague.  Her computer might not be state of the art but it still is 
> still good.
> Bill Stanley

Adobe Flash stores cookies on your system - which is probably what you 
came across.

If you are using Firefox you can install BetterPrivacy extension and set 
it to delete Adobe Flash cookies.

While on this related matter, about accessing Windows files from Linux: 
if you want to have full access to Windows files from Linux - and the 
Windows partitions are mounted in Linux such as in when you have the 
setup to dual boot - then in fstab make sure that you have following for 
each of the Windows partitions:



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