Wanted - library or RAD to create a simple grid form to enter data into database

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Tue Jan 24 22:05:41 UTC 2012

I want to create simple forms for entering data into database tables, I
have two or three cases at least where I want this.

The forms can be a web application (i.e. accessible through a web browser,
probably PHP) or a desktop GUI of some sort, I'm quite happy to write
some code in PHP (or Python, or whatever) to do this but I want the
basic forms stuff done for me.

I don't need any fancy filtering, validation or selection, the forms
should just show me a matrix of columns which are all the database
columns and a number of rows of data which I can edit with an empty line
at the bottom for adding new data.

I want the resulting form to be quickly accessible, i.e. if it's a web
application then click on a button/link and a page will appear with the
data entry grid, if it's a desktop GUI then run a program and the grid
appears.  I want to be able to hide/automate the selection of the
database and user login.

At the moment I can find nothing which does this easily, things like
libreOffice get some of the way but the resulting application is to
overloaded with menus and such.  Dabo nearly does what I want but is
still a bit too complex and the datagrid it creates isn't really easy to

As I said I don't necessarily want a GUI program to make this, a good
PHP (or other language) library would be fine.

Any ideas anyone?

Chris Green

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