Backing up files on a badly malware infested computer.

Bill Stanley bstanle at
Mon Jan 23 23:27:14 UTC 2012

Maybe you people might be able to figure out something.  It concerns 
installing unbuntu on a very badly malware infested Windows machine. 
Also note that I don't fix computers as my job.  I'm doing this as a 
favor for my sister and at this point, fixing this has become a personal 
challenge. I'm retired so time is not a problem, otherwise I wouldn't 
take this challenge.   (I'm not going to let this beat me!)  Now the problem

On badly infested computers I usually just back up the data files and 
reinstall the OS.  Since she misplaced the original Windows disks we 
agreed to give Linux a try.  So far, no problems?  WRONG!  I can't back 
up the data files no matter how hard I try.  I think I'm battling a 
rootkit of some sort (maybe more than one.)  The data files do not seem 
  to have been corrupted.

My first try was to do something simple.  I have more than enough disk 
space on my computer so I tried transferring the data files to my 
computer.   I can't get a network connection.  I tried to establish a 
connection both ways and failed.

My second try was to use the CD-ROM disk burner that is on her computer. 
  I can't even transfer the data files onto CR-ROM.

My third attempt was to try booting Linux on  her computer using an CD 
install disk.  I figured that surely Linux would be able to get past the 
problem, but I can't boot (and, yes, I made sure the boot settings in 
the BIOS were right)  I've checked the disk using other computers and 
it's good.

Is there anything I missed?  I am at the point were I'm thinking about 
of installing her hard as the slave drive on my old computer.  I will 
then boot to Linux on my master HD and then get the data files off.

Once I have the data files off, I will COMPLETELY wipe her HD , 
reinstall it in her computer and proceed as if it was a new install.

Comments anyone?  (Other than I am insane which I know that I probably am!)

Bill Stanley

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