web based editor

Avi Greenbury lists at avi.co
Tue Jan 3 20:00:53 UTC 2012

Rajeev Prasad wrote:

> hi thx all,
> I am looking for an editor which will live on my web server and will
> let me edit files on my server.  bluefish seems to be a GNOME/desktop
> app. virtualmin is not what i am looking for. i tried to open quanta+
> site but page didn't load... http://quanta.kdewebdev.org/
> so the search is still on, for a web based editor (syntax
> highlighting is desired for multiple languages).

It would be worth noting that this is not a very common request at all,
so it's unlikely that anything that does fit the bill is particularly
mature or complete.

Is there some technical reason why SSH isn't an option? Perhaps it
would be more ideal to solve that problem if so. 


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