DAR fails, hard drive failure?

thufir hawat.thufir at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 09:19:12 UTC 2012

I'm getting inode errors from DAR while backing up a hard drive:

Finished writing to file 5, ready to continue ?  [return = YES | Esc = NO]

  58005 inode(s) saved
    including 0 hard link(s) treated
  0 inode(s) changed at the moment of the backup and could not be saved 
  0 byte(s) have been wasted in the archive to resave changing files
  0 inode(s) not saved (no inode/file change)
  0 inode(s) failed to be saved (filesystem error)
  0 inode(s) ignored (excluded by filters)
  0 inode(s) recorded as deleted from reference backup
  Total number of inode(s) considered: 58005
  EA saved for 0 inode(s)


so was wondering if perhaps this is indicative of hard drive failure?



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