DynDNS alternative with separate account and host passwords?

Adam Funk a24061 at ducksburg.com
Fri Dec 21 14:52:12 UTC 2012

On 2012-12-06, Adam Funk wrote:

> I'm not happy about the fact that DynDNS Pro uses the same username &
> password for account management and the DNS service itself (ddclient),
> because a stolen HDD would allow a thief to get into the account.
> Does anyone know of a similar service at a reasonable price that does
> have different passwords for account management and the ddclient?

I think I have the answer to this now; I've asked support at no-ip.com
& had the following responses:

1. Enhance DNS will allow you to create up to 25 host names attached
   to No-IP.com's domain names. 

   Plus DNS allows you to create up to 50 host names attached to your
   domain. With Plus DNS you get control over your DNS and can make
   changes on the fly. As well as the use of our Dynamic DNS and
   Anycast DNS servers with our Plus DNS 100% uptime grantee. Plus DNS
   also will allow you to create an addition 25 host names attached to
   our No-IP owned domains.

   You can then assign each host name to a group. Our groups allow you
   to create a group name and separate password that you may use to
   update to a DDNS or Dynamic Update Client at your customers

2. Yes, you are correct you can designate group names like
   Clint1.Hostname1 with a separate password. They can then enter that
   name into our Dynamic Update Client along with the password you set
   and the DUC will only update that host name.

   Unfortunately, there is a catch. Currently some devices do not
   except the characters that are assigned in group names so in order
   to update a clients IP address via DDNS device you will need to use
   a plan host name and your log in credentials.

Does anyone know if "some devices" refers specifically to routers with
support for DynDNS & no-IP in the firmware, not things like ddclient?
(I can probably live with that.)

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