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Gene Heskett gheskett at
Sat Dec 15 16:00:31 UTC 2012

On Saturday 15 December 2012 10:59:53 Gene Heskett did opine:

> On Saturday 15 December 2012 10:23:53 Nils Kassube did opine:
> > Gene Heskett wrote:
> > > 10.04.4 32 bit here.
> > > 
> > > How can I convince firefox to use acroread?
> > 
> > Install the adobe reader from the Canonical repository, if you haven't
> > done it already.
> Past tense as in nearly 2 years ago, plus 2 or 3 updates since.
> > Then edit the firefox preferences section
> > "Applications". For the content type "PDF-Document" select the action
> > "Use Adobe reader 9 (default)".
> There was not a PDF-Document line, but there was a "Portable Document
> Format (PDF)" line that was set to "view in firefox".  How it got that
> way I haven't a clue.  I'll likely need to read one yet today, so we'll
> see if setting it back (and I had to open the Other dialog and go find
> the /usr/bin/acroread link, which it than marked as (default)).  Go
> figure...
> > > Or if the reader has too
> > > many security flaws, can this one be switched to one that actually
> > > works?
> > 
> > You could try Okular.
> Even that would beat this "Preview in Firefox" thing to a non-viable
> pulp. It is a bit odd, but ISTR it, like Acroread Just Works(TM).  But
> it is a name whose funny spelling means that I can't remember it long
> enough to go refill my coffee cup.  One of the things I learned in
> school 70 some years ago, was how to spell most stuff.
> Thanks, Nils, I think this may have fixed it.
It did, and I thank you Nils.
> Cheers, Gene

Cheers, Gene
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