Twinview in 12.04

Colin Law clanlaw at
Tue Dec 11 22:00:03 UTC 2012

On 11 December 2012 21:52, Jim Byrnes <jf_byrnes at> wrote:
> ...
> I am starting to think that Twinview is just a symptom of some other
> problem. So I think I will do some research on 12.04 and jockey plus the
> Nvidia drivers.  Then download and burn a new CD if necessary and start a
> new thread if that doesn't work.  Thanks for everyone's help.

You can get the CD to check itself to make sure it is ok.  If you hit
a key when the keyboard and little man appears right at the start of
booting from CD then you will get an option to check the CD contents.
If that passes then you know the CD is ok.

By the way if you have a USB stick and can boot off USB then it
running the install from USB is much quicker than CD.


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