Installing cinnamon

Phil Dobbin bukowskiscat at
Mon Dec 10 09:54:39 UTC 2012

On 12/10/2012 09:12 AM, Patrick Asselman wrote:
> On 2012-12-08 10:25, Colin Law wrote:
>> On 8 December 2012 02:38, JD <jd1008 at> wrote:
>>> On 12/07/2012 07:21 PM, Steve Pearce wrote:
>>>> On 08/12/12 02:08, JD wrote:
>>>>> The cinnamon web page
>>>>> asks the user to:
>>>>> add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable
>>>>> Which I did.So I thought that's all I need in order to proceed
>>>>> and issue
>>>>> apt-get -y install cinnamon
>>>>> Well, it could not find it, and the web page does not elucidate
>>>>> any further.
>>>> JD
>>>> You added the cinnamon PPA, but forgot to update your package lists.
>>>> Try:
>>>>    sudo apt-get update
>>>>    sudo apt-get install cinnamon
>>>> I don't know much about Cinnamon, but I suspect it'll be available to
>>>> select at the login screen as an alternative to Unity.
>>>> stevepdp
>>> I see. Should not the web page have explained that instead
>>> of assuming every noob knows this?
>> Most noobs would click on the link on that page "Read about
>> installing" where the instructions appear clear and include
>> instructions to run apt-get update.
>> Colin
> It's not just noobs who run into this. I've seen a lot of messages to
> this mailing list where the problem was fixed by updating the package
> list first. In my opinion the apt-get should get a bit more intelligent,
> and ask the user if maybe it should update its list before installing.
> And maybe add an extra switch to skip that step, for the experienced users.
> It should also be more intelligent about alerting the user that maybe
> there is some maintenance going on on the other end, and please try
> again in a few minutes. That's another source of trouble I've seen a lot.
> But that's just my opinion of course

I guess though if they figure you're adding ppa's or indeed using apt at
all instead of Synaptic or Software Centre, that you've at least taken
the time to read the docs regarding apt. It's generally not a
pointy-clicky interface after all.

Also, I suspect that they've got more pressing matters to hand than
re-writing something that works perfectly well. I suppose you could
volunteer to help out in this matter. I'm sure they wouldn't mind ;-)



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