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Phil Dobbin bukowskiscat at
Thu Dec 6 00:39:15 UTC 2012

On 12/05/2012 11:49 PM, Keith wrote:

> On 06/12/12 06:47, Phil Dobbin wrote:
>> Hi, all.
>> I'm contemplating installing 64 bit Ubuntu on a Poweredge 1850.
>> I booted from the 12.04 Live CD & it ran pretty well. The only odd thing
>> was that alt-ctrl-arrow-keys did not function for the workspace switcher
>> which is a pretty major fault.
>> I moved on to the 12.10 Live CD & Compiz had serious issues: apps
>> wouldn't launch, Compiz repeatedly crashed & it was basically unusable.
>> Upon subsequently Googling the problem, I saw that the Radeon drivers
>> for 12.10 weren't available as yet but there was a kind of muddled
>> consensus that 12.04 was OK.
>> Whilst I realise that the 1850 is a server, I need a GUI for certain
>> parts of this particular project so does anybody have any experience of
>> running a Radeon 7000 card on the stock Unity release of 12.04 or is
>> using a spin like LXDE or similar my best option?
>> Thanks for any help.
>> Cheers,
>>   Phil...
> I tried a 7700 card (7750) with 12.04 and 12.10 64bit and it was not
> good at all, the ATI drivers were worse as well. I ended up putting back
> in a 6570 with 2GB ram and it was like different computer, worlds apart
> (in a good way). Granted I was wanting to setup multi-screens (3
> screens) which is a challenge in itself with Linux, but things just
> worked so much better with the 6570 and NOT using the ATI drivers.
> I think the 7000 is an older card as well? So that might cause some
> issues, perhaps look at a different card.

I just checked & the 7000 is embedded & can't be upgraded (& neither can
the RAM) so I'm stuck with it.

It seems that if I want to use Ubuntu with this machine, I'll have to
use an alternate spin. I'm considering LXDE although I haven't yet
checked it out. So I'll go have a look...

Thanks to everybody for their help.



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