Auto-hiding the applications bar

JD jd1008 at
Wed Dec 5 21:50:35 UTC 2012

On 12/05/2012 02:42 PM, Colin Law wrote:
> On 5 December 2012 21:05, JD <jd1008 at> wrote:
>> On 12/05/2012 01:59 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 05 December 2012 15:57:41 JD did opine:
>>>> On 12/05/2012 01:40 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
>>>>> On Wednesday 05 December 2012 15:36:56 JD did opine:
>>>>>> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;
>>>>>> charset=ISO-8859-1"> </head> <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000">
>>>>>> <font size="+1"><font face="Console">Running ubuntu 12.10 with latest
>>>>>> updates.<br> How can I force the apps menu bar on the left side of
>>>>>> the screen t<font size="+1">o<br> <font size="+1">go into auto-hide
>>>>>> once the pointer is moved away from it?<br> <br>
>>>>>> </font></font></font></font> </body> </html>
>>>>> There are many on this list who will ignore your pure html posts.
>>>>> Please put your copy of thunderbird into the text only mode and
>>>>> repost your questions.
>>>>> We also don't top post reply's here, but usually intersperse them so
>>>>> it reads like a normal conversation.
>>>>> Cheers, Gene
>>>> OK, here goes:
>>>> Running ubuntu 12.10 with latest updates.
>>> Since this is an interface question, which gui are you using? gnome, kde,
>>> xfce etc etc.
>> Gnome!
> Do you mean Unity or Gnome Shell (both of which sit on Gnome) or something else?
> If Unity then in System Settings > Appearance > Behaviour you can
> select Auto-hide the launcher.
> Colin
Since your suggestion of how to do it in unity worked,
then I must be using unity (without my being aware
that that is so. It must be the default. As I said, this is my
first installation of Ubuntu (12.10), and it seems to have
defaulted to Unity.

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