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On 2012-12-05 19:47 (GMT) Phil Dobbin composed:

> I'm contemplating installing 64 bit Ubuntu on a Poweredge 1850.

> I booted from the 12.04 Live CD & it ran pretty well. The only odd thing
> was that alt-ctrl-arrow-keys did not function for the workspace switcher
> which is a pretty major fault.

> I moved on to the 12.10 Live CD & Compiz had serious issues: apps
> wouldn't launch, Compiz repeatedly crashed & it was basically unusable.

> Upon subsequently Googling the problem, I saw that the Radeon drivers
> for 12.10 weren't available as yet but there was a kind of muddled
> consensus that 12.04 was OK.

> Whilst I realise that the 1850 is a server, I need a GUI for certain
> parts of this particular project so does anybody have any experience of
> running a Radeon 7000 card on the stock Unity release of 12.04 or is
> using a spin like LXDE or similar my best option?

According to the thread ending with it's my suspicion 
that the problem isn't Radeon generally but specifically to the 7000, which 
IIRC is mostly a tweaked R128, used in combination with that generation of 
Xorg. If that 7000 is in an AGP or PCI slot, can't you put something newer in 
it? I have no problems with an only slightly newer 7500 that last I checked 
was plentiful for cheap on eBay. The 7500 was a popular option in Dell models 
sold to businesses.

Why not try a Live Debian, Fedora and/or openSUSE of similar age to 12.10 and 
12.04 to see if the problems are missing?
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