Partitioning SDHC Card?

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Tue Dec 4 17:40:39 UTC 2012

On 12/04/2012 04:54 AM, Oliver Grawert wrote:
> hi,
> Am Freitag, den 30.11.2012, 21:18 -0700 schrieb drew einhorn:
>> The last time I paid attention there was a lot of voodoo involved in
>> formatting and partitioning SD cards without adversely impacting the
>> performance and life expectancy of the card.  It dealt with block
>> sizes and alignment of sectors, etc.  Aligning the file system with
>> the underlying SD card hardware, so that for a filesystem write
>> doesn't require reading a physical hardware block updating the last
>> half of it, reading the next hardware block and updating the first
>> half of it.
>> Do we still need to worry about this sort of thing (if so please point
>> me to the appropriate incantations).  Or, have the standard tools
>> gotten smarter, so we don't have to worry about this stuff.
> have a look at [1]
> ciao
> 	oli
> [1]
The link above indicates that it is not a good idea to format an SD card
to ext3, and by implication, to other formats commonly used by Linux.
I'd like to see a suggestion as to how to make a bootable SD card with
a small Linux--perhaps Damn Small Linux, or ?
Wondering if it's possible to run a Linux version on one of those little
7 inch "computers" that come with M/S CE5 Windows systems. (I don't
know what cpu is in them.)

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