k3b problem or user problem

Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Sat Dec 1 21:27:48 UTC 2012


I have now watched k3b burn 2 data cd's, starting with the new project, 
renamed it, then add files until I had them all (and why can't you add a 
dir & get all the files in it? Thats asinine) then set it to verify the 
write, burned the cd, verified nominally 2 megabytes of data successfully, 
unloaded the cd, and on reload, it is not recognized as media.

I have a 98 pack left, but I'd druther figure out what it is I'm doing 
wrong before I waste even more.

Clues?  Apparently I could use some.

Or is dvdwriter now the tool of choice for this? I saw it pop up once when 
I had inserted the cd and closed the drawer.


Cheers, Gene
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