Preseeding language and keyboard?

Josef Wolf jw at
Sun Dec 2 08:37:56 UTC 2012

Hello everybody,

I am trying to preseed language and keyboard settings for 12.04-LTS.

I have set the following for the kernel command line in isolinux/txt.cfg
(broken up into multiple lines in this mail to improve readability):

  append locale=de_DE.UTF-8

And in the preseed file, I have set the following options:

  d-i console-setup/ask_detect boolean false
  d-i debian-installer/locale string de_DE.UTF8
  d-i keyboard-configuration/layoutcode string de
  d-i keyboard-configuration/variantcode string nodeadkeys

According to
this should be enough to preseed language and keyboard settings. But the
installer keeps giving me the following error message:

  The translation of the installer is not fully complete for the selected
  The chance that you will actually encounter a dialog that is not translated
  into the selected language is extremely small, but it cannot be ruled out
  Continue the installation in the selected language?

Any ideas how to get rid of this question?

Second question: Since the kernel arguments line has reached the
maximum of 8 entries, I'd like to reduce it as much as possible. Which
settings are redundant or can be moved to another place?

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