changing a drive

Avi Greenbury lists at
Sat Aug 25 16:20:43 UTC 2012

Ric Moore wrote:

> Something like vi I would consider brass knuckles. You know, like a 
> crude tool that has utility but lacks many amenities other than the 
> ability to break a jaw. Once you USE vi, it's usefulness becomes more 
> apparent than you would see at the get go. pico has amenities that
> are more apparent from the get-go. That's the diff. So, if there was 
> something with a better ascii front-end than gparted, it would be
> better for someone who has never dinked with LVM, like me. :) Ric

Do you mean gparted or parted? gparted is a GUI tool using GTK, parted a
terminal one. The two have completely different interfaces; it's not
even that parted is a console version of Gparted or vice versa.

For a partition editor to run in a shell I tend to use cfdisk. It's a
little clunky, but is pretty gparted-like and easy to see what's going


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