changing a drive

Avi Greenbury lists at
Sat Aug 25 16:18:04 UTC 2012

Ric Moore wrote:

> On my server box, running Proxmox which is Debian-server based, I had 
> two IDE drives, one master and the other slave for data. Then I just 
> installed a 500 GIG SATA drive, formatted with the very same proxmox 
> install. So the NEW master has sda2 (sda1=boot) as an LVM volume
> named "pve". So does the old master IDE drive. Since the label is the
> same, how do I mount the old IDE master drive LVM partition
> (/dev/sdb2) named "pve" to the new SATA drive (/dev/sda2) to say
> the /opt directory, command line style?? This is a headless server so
> I'm using ssh to access it.

This probably deserving of a thread all to itself, but from what I
understand, you have two disks, each with LVM, with distinct VGs. You
might do better to use the LVM names for these things - you cannot, for
example, 'mount' anything LVM related except for an LV, but normally an
'LVM partition' means a partition used as an LVM PV - to avoid
confusion here.

Anyway, what I'd do in what I think is your position is put one of the
drives (presumably the old one) in a machine and rename the VG (with
vgrename) before putting it back. What is the output of vgdisplay and
of pvdisplay ?


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